5 Piece Silk Canvas Deadlift Poster

5 Piece Silk Canvas Deadlift Poster

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Lift the mu'fucking weight!

Deadlift is 1 out of 3 of the essential lifts every lifter needs to master and targets your: traps, lower back, and legs . This 5-piece Deadlift poster will motivate you to get your ass off the couch and start lifting heavy shit. No more slacking, No more laziness, No more rest dayThe high quality silk ensures stretch-ability, long lasting material and non scratch surface. 


Size 1: 20x35cm (2x piece) + 20x45cm (2x piece) + 20x55cm (1x piece)

Size 2: 30x40cm (2x piece) + 30x60cm (2x piece) + 30x80cm (1x piece)

Great in: 

  • Empty Office Space
  • Living/ Lounge Rooms
  • Workout Rooms